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Examer is a new, extended and clear process that has been started working in middle Asia specially Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan this process has been starting to work by cooperation of Afghan citadel and Annex Film Company and has agency in two provinces of Afghanistan (Kabul and Herat) now. This educating process is a really excellent process that avoid of treachery and cheating.

Examer process causes to create clearance in schools examinations and avoids of treacheries and cheatings.
Afghanistan is a country that corruption in governmental organization reached the peak and this process helps people to reach their rights and also became familiar about the technologies are existed in other countries and achieve advantages of them.

Heart city has about 50 schools and the Examer process has started in most of them.
At first some members of Afghan Citadel and Annex Film came to our school and our teachers how to take exams by Examer and our teachers taught us.

I   myself am one of the students who participate to this process and I could give the exam that I was really waited for and when I saw the results, I was satisfied of it.
We are really thankful of Afghan Citadel and Annex Film that help us to reach prosperous and without any corruption Afghanistan.

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Fatima Haidary, her second name is Hoda. her father name is Shamsuddin .and she is a student in eleventh class ,in Amir Ali Shire Nawaie High school in Herat city Afghanistan.She was born in 2 february 1997 in Herat city in a cultured family.and She is third daughter of her…

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