Examinational system

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In Pakistan there are board at divisional basis which held the annual examination at the basis of matric and intermediate. They control all the schools in their division. But they are not good. There system of examination is full of shit. They have to change annual examination into semester system.


These boards change their policies and total marks of different courses every year. They are working from many decades but they do not know which policy is good for them and for the students. They are still experimenting and ruining the future of students.

After few years they change the total marks of a subject and some time the ratio of subjective and objective. Some year they combine the class nine and ten and held a single examination for two years. But some year they held a separate examination for class ninth and tenth. Some year they end the practical and their numbers. But some year they add practical marks in total and take practical. Examiners are full of shit. Some of them allow the students to copy against some bribe.

One board have different policies and total marks for a class. All of them take examination in different months. Govt. of Pakistan have to work on this issue.        

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