Excess use of salt is dangerous and harmful for health

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Yesterday in college our Health Department Teacher had given some information about new research i.e. Use of Salt in excess is harmful for health. So, now I’m going to share this information with you.

Medical experts have told that much use of salt is dangerous for health and may lead to death; according to research of American heart association although we can’t enjoy our meals without salt but it’s much use causes different type of diseases.

Much use of salt causes diseases of heart, stomach cancer, high blood pressure,   heart failure, osteoporosis, increased risk for stroke, kidney diseases and danger ofparalysis also increases. And due to its much use approximately 23 lacs people have died.

During research 247 surveys have been observed in which they come to know that many people of the world use salt more than, extent limit of 2 hundred milligram determined by world health department.

    So, please I request you to use salt in extent limit of 200 milligrams and keep yourself healthy. Thanks.


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