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Watching the video enclosed, you wonder if Sid Estreicher has simply started his social media marketing campaign and used the interest in the developing economy of Afghanistan.

There was a lot more talk about Color Space that helps create consistent color in the production process.  This is probably a very nice tool to help create clothing that has effective color management.  They are looking to restructure the way that color is managed in the world.  

There was a lot of talk about social media, and the fact that they don't know how to run a social media marketing campaign.  The thoughts on developing economy of Afghanistan.  I am not sure that Mr. Estreicher is an expert in economic development.  This video is very unclear as to what the message of the video is. 

He seems to encourage industrialization of Afghanistan to take advantage of the poor conditions and poor people to provide fashion clothing and textiles to the rest of the world.  He states he sees no other way.  He is obviously devoted to color and I suppose someone has to be, but when you look at educating the population of Afghanistan it is time to look for more answers than develop textile factories that take advantage of cheap labor.  This will not lead to better education. 

I wish them the best with their software promotion, and it has meaning to them and they are passionate about it, good luck with disrupting the current color management system.  The producers of this video should understand that content like this is misleading and uninformative. I would encourage anyone who wants to learn something about Afghanistan to look other places.  If you love color, and color software, then this is a great video for you.  

Appropriate alternate titles:  "How fashion can exploit Afghanistan."  or "Cheap labor in Afghanistan, means cheap clothes.",  or "Exploiting people for profit, the ends justifies the means."



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