Explosions Wounded and Death on the Finish Line at Boston Marathon in US

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Explosions Wounded and Death on the Finish Line at Boston Marathon

The Incident happened near the finish line of one of the most tradicional marathons in the world.
2 deaths and 23 wonded or more; Nova York increases the police on the streets.

Foto mostra fumaça momentos depois de uma das explosões na linha de chegada da Maratona de Boston. (Foto: David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)Photo showing the smooke moments before of one of the explosions on the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Two strong explosions makes two deaths and wounded on the finish line of the Boston Marathon in EUA on these monday (15).

The police of Boston confirm two deaths and 23 wounded.

The General Hospital of Massachusetts was make the treatment of 19 people.

Nobody knows yet what causes the explosions that generated a caos cene on the town, with wounded people on the street e paramedics trying to save lives.

For precaution, the agency of the civil aviation civil of EUA close the air espace on the region.

The Police afirm to Reuters that it was "one or two bombs", and that "happend a lot of deaths".

The incident happened on the moment that thousants of runners was ending the 117 edition of the maraton, considering the most oldest in the world, happening since 1897.

Thousant of people was on the local, making a festive climate, waiting for the runners to end the Marathon.

On the opinion CBS TV, the two explosions was simultaneous.

They was happened at 14h45 of the local time (15h45 Brasília), on the Boylston Street, near the number 673, said a reporter of WBZ-TV.

Witnesses taked that they saw people very wounded, some with amputees members and a lot of blood.

arte - mapa explosão boston - v3 (Foto: Arte/G1)

On these marathon 131 runners from Brazil participated.

One of the spokesman of the event said to the journalists that the hotel that it was a headquarter of the marathon was blocked before the explosions and nobody have the permission to enter or to exit the building.

The oficial site of the Marathon said that was two bombs, but the police dont confirm the information yet.

The canadian Mike Mitchell, from Vancouver, an atlet that finished the marathon said that he was looking behind  on the finish line when he saw an "enourmous explosion".

The smoke ups for 15 meters, said Mitchell.  The people began to run and scream before the noise.

"All the people was shooked", said Mitchell.


The police inform that a third explosion reached the JFK library in Boston. Rachel Day, spokeswoman of the library, said that happens fire on the place, without wound.

The AP inform that other suposed explosives was found and disarmed.

New York in alert
The Police Departament  of New York reiforced the secority on the mais turistic places of Manhattan, including the areas near important hotels, in answer of the incident in Boston, said the vice-comissary of the local police, Paul Browne.

Browne afirm to the Reuters that the police of New York was sending vehicles for combat the terrorism for all the city.

The police of the capital, Washington, increased the level of the security too. An isolation perimeter was make in front of the White House, official residence of the president.

The White House inform that Barack Obama was informed for the explosions and he ordered that the govern gives all the necessary help on the investigations.

Obama was informed for Lisa Monaco, Internal Security Counselor, and other funcionaries. He offered to the Boston Mayour, Tom Menino, and for the governaor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, all the necessary help.

Opinons on the facts.

I dont know, but these terrorism explosions happens before Obama afirm that it could be have a manipulation on the votes for the presidencial run on the Venezuela elections, the militants or militians could maked these outrage in the US before what Obama saids. These facts are not clear yet and nobody assumes the responsability of the outrage.

Whats your opinion on these outrage on the E.U.A ? Why it happened to people that dont have guilty on the face of the events ? Please post your contributions about that and other blog posted, thank you.

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