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Most of us have taken part in some form of sports activity when we were young and some of us take it to the next level as we grow up. Some even end up being a professional player.

This is the story of Bernie who was a football player on a professional level, but as he grew up he had to leave it due to age related problems. He is caught up in his daily family activities, but deep down he is not happy doing these daily chores. To add to it his wife is always around to say that he is not doing a good job.

One day while tinkering with his lawn-mover a red ball flies over the thick fence and lands next to his feet. The sight of the ball brings back old memories. He knows that the rubber ball has come from the next house where the kids were playing football. He picks it up and gives it a clean kick sending it sailing over the fence and he can almost hear the adulation of the audience like the “good old days” This turns out to be his daily activity, interacting with the children and returning the ball without actually meeting the kids. Then one day the family along with the kids from the neighbourhood move out. He once again goes into a depression as the only link he had with a football is abruptly stopped.

All this is not lost on his wife and one fine day she decides to present him with a ball. The change in his expression is worth watching.

The 7 minute short movie made by Amy Hill and John Rosy is humorous and heart tugging.  

In his own words “creating characters and exploring the ways in which they interact with each other is a huge passion of mine”

You can see for yourself (it may take some time for the movie to start playing)



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