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As the Facebook social network increases not only in users but also in companies, the visual identity, and generated content are becoming increasingly important if you want to become noticeable. For some time now, the weakness of news flow was clicks, likes and shares contests, and all other content that encourages users to react to entries passively. 

After Facebook released new algorithms, more attention will receive the content, which required more time and work for the preparation. It's banal, but only brands and pages with the highest quality content will remain, what many content makers have already forgotten today. Remember, our audience is people like us, so we should share content that is useful, witty, and makes people notice it.

Advertisers are putting more into it every year, and more advertisers are coming on to the platform. They haven’t hit their peak yet. Facebook still has a ways to go.

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While the news about the newest algorithms sounds daunting for companies, brands, and other pages, it's not a good idea to panic. Time to get ready. Let's start paying more attention to the content you are creating. Let's say no to entries as like our page. Let's think about what content is interesting and useful to your target audience and how to integrate it through inventiveness.

Anyway, we have gone through a series of organic reach and Facebook changes, so we will survive this too. Finally, everything is done to bring Facebook back to what it has been created - to communicate and share.

 However, with such a huge amount of information, the natural question arises - how to properly use Facebook in your own business and increase sales?

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How Facebook Advertising Helps Your Business

Every month, Facebook gets more than 2.23 billion visitors per day, and users spend at least 40 minutes per day. Facebook advertising allows you to pinpoint and reach a specific consumer market at the lowest cost. With Facebook advertising, you can develop or change the digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes:

1. Increase visitor engagement in organic and promoted posts.

2. Increase organic traffic to your business website from your own Facebook account.

3. Speed up the gathering the community of fans of the product or service.

4. Data collection, including contact information for new and potential customers.

5. Increase conversions by using dynamic buyer phase's marketing.

6. It's easy to create ads. Facebook does not use very sophisticated technology, so there's no need to hire designers and programmers to create small ads.

7. Possibility to allow multiple advertisements at the same time. You can run different campaigns at a time and track their progress.


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Types of Facebook Advertising 

Clicks to the website - this type of ads increase organic traffic to your site. You can direct your visitors to your blog or news page, present your latest product, send them to the landing page with a contact form, a special offer, and more!

Website conversion - this type of ad is useful when you want your audience to do something on your site. First, you have to add a Facebook conversion pixel to your site so that you can track how many Facebook visitors arrive at your site, and how much they are converting. Then, you easily optimize your ad, so people can take specific action on your site (for instance, subscribe to your newsletter or simply buy a product).

Post engagement - this type of ad is intended to increase the visibility and awareness of one page's post. This may be a message, a photo, a video, a site link, or a proposal that you posted in the page's time zone. 

Event responses - if your company organizes an event, Facebook event ads are often used to invite the target audience to participate.

Offers - this ad format is suitable for publishing a special offer inviting to visit your physical or online store and offering exclusive discounts or conditions.advertising

Advertising on the Facebook social network - Photo credit: notey.com

Marketplace or Premium Ads?

Before you start working with Facebook ads, you should try to figure out their types. First, these are marketplace ads that you are most likely to be familiar with. You see them on the right side of the Facebook channel. What's the difference between marketplace ads and premium ads? It's the same price but different options. Everything you will have with the ad of marketplace advertising is a small picture that will be placed on Facebook's right sideMeanwhile, your premium ads appear not only on the right side but also on the Facebook page's center.

The new type of Facebook ads is sponsored stories, which are really worth a try. You see these ads in your Facebook stream. Some people are dissatisfied with the fact that their news feeds are larger than they were before, but it must be admitted that Facebook is now becoming a public trading company that needs to make money, and in order to reach it, it has to sell more ads.


Advertising on the Facebook social network - Photo credit: facebookcontactnumber.blogspot.com

Another interesting thing about premium ads is that you can create many different types of promotional ads. One is image ads, and if you see a poll or see someone else create an event, keep in mind that its part of premium ads.

What's really the premium ads differ from marketplace ads is the price. You need to buy Premium ads under CPM and through a Facebook account. Meanwhile, marketplace ads can be very easy to buy with your credit card, so each one of us can advertise this way.

Facebook Advertising - Why It Worth Using?

96% of communication professionals think that the Facebook social network is the most suitable to advertise  B2C and B2B companies, and it has the best statistics on investment return. By changing the parameters, we can choose to which people show the advertisement: their interests, age, and place of residence. Facebook lets you filter your audience, so advertising costs are decreasing, and conversions are rising.


Choosing the targeted audience for Facebook advertising - Photo credit: quora.com

Another way to reach potential customers is by remarketing, allowing to show ads to users who have already visited your page, used the application, called you, and so on. Customers once interested in your products or services, most possible, will be interested again. 

Most news on Facebook is videos. Most consumers want quicker to find out the content so they just watch videos, and video advertising makes it easier to attract more attention. 

Additionally, Facebook offers useful analytics for advertising campaigns, which simplifies the process by providing insights related to advertising purposes. Most of them are related to the return on investment - how consumers reacted to your ads. For example, you receive likes clicks, posts shares, comments, page popularity, and clickthrough rates, in addition to impressions, reach, and frequency.


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Other Services

Facebook advertising is most effective if we combine it with other types of advertising. It best works with SEO marketing and Google AdWords advertising. Together these types of advertising are a very powerful tool that can virtually promote any type of business.

Each type of advertising: ads on the Facebook social network, Google AdWords or SEO - is complementary to each other, so the best result is reached with the help of all of them.

Promote your small or big business by building a strong marketing strategy, using not only a Facebook advertising strategy. Google advertising consists of the three main components: Search Advertising, Remarketing, and the Google Display Network. 

Meanwhile, SEO affects the brand of the page as well as the business, so if you do not understand those things, you better choose a professional agency that understands better than you the search engine algorithms.  facebook_advertising_for_business

Facebook advertising for business - Photo credit:socialspicemedia.com

What Else You Need To Know? 

Now that we know a little about what Facebook advertising is, we can figure out how to start using it. But before you start creating an ad, you need to decide what your goals are. First of all, you need to know your target audience. Here Facebook will also help you, allowing to select people based on their interests and activities. So you have a target audience (for instance, small business). Tens of millions of people fall into the small business audience, so you might want to narrow down. Think about what these people are, what your target buyer is, what they really think about, what they care about.

To make Facebook ads convert well, companies will focus on their conversion rates by running promotions, discounts and special deals to Facebook users in order to get better returns on the campaign. Part of it is also targeting the right people at the right time. 

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Let's start with the marketplace ads. Your ad will consist of a small 50x50 image and approximately 135 symbols. You can come up with various copies of advertising, work with interested parties through your organization to advertise your ad.


Facebook ads campaign structure - Photo credit: guides.co

However, if you intend to use premium advertising, you already have a sponsored story.  It will allow your advertised ad to be seen by a mass of people on your own Facebook page.

Depending on how much you advertise, and how big your budget is, your ad may be visible for at least two days. Of course, you can show your ad for a week or two, but over time, your ad performance is declining, and it's time to turn it off because people have already seen it. Therefore, it's important to constantly analyze and test in order to know when to turn off old ads and create a new one.

A tip for anyone who starts advertising with Facebook: You can try out a simple Marketplace Ad with your credit card. In a number of cases, Facebook itself offers some money. Try this Facebook advertising type and see how it affects your business.

How To Create A Facebook AD - From Start To Finish - Ruan M. Marinho via Youtube.com

Tips For Facebook Ad 

The balance between commercial and informational content. A spread message should reflect your niche. Hence, you must find a balance between commercial and informational content. People are interested not only in promotions, cheap deals but also in the freshest news related to your activity. So, if you want to reach success for any business on Facebook, let it be businesslike, but not boring.

Friendly environment. Because the social network is an interactive medium, communication is especially important here. I advise you not to be afraid to engage in dialogue with fans of your site: a friendly response to comments, a reaction to both positive and negative comments undoubtedly creates a positive impact on your business and guarantees user trust.


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Visualization, In order to attract the greatest attention of the fans, it is necessary to consider possible scenarios of the ad's design. The Internet has plenty of free tools that allow you to quickly and easily submit any visual information in an original way.

Live streaming. It is a great way to enhance your customer relationship or delivering up-to-date news. A professional video questionnaire, an interview with famous people in your specialization, including the questions posed by users, the moments of events are just a few of the scenarios for using live video.

Using Hashtags. The essence of the Hashtag is a categorization of topics, so the various content is divided into a common space where your listing becomes visible to more people. 

On The Final Note 

Facebook focuses on increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns and on the quality of your advertising on a social website. This is the most inexpensive but effective way to spread the message about your business, product or service. 

Only through thoughtful Facebook communication you can become part of everyday life of your clients, communicate with them effectively, get to know them better and understand their desires and expectations. In order to reach the heights, it is necessary to monitor the statistical indicators that fully disclose your audience, its habits.

The social network has vast opportunities for both large and small businessesFacebook will only be effective in any activity if we know our clients and know what their information not only will be useful but also interesting to them.


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Grow branding and sales with low-cost, but effective Facebook advertising! If the first test does not meet your expectations, do not give up and try again.

In advertising, not to be different is virtually suicidal – Bill Bernbach

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