Facebook and Afghan youth

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   The youth have faced to Facebook a lot in the recent years in Afghanistan. Most of Afghan youth who use Facebook accounts, they have the government officials hear their social problems.

   Even some civil groups have managed demonstrations through their Face book accounts in Afghanistan.

    As well as Afghan youth fight with some social challenges of Afghanistan through Facebook. For example, they have fought and fight with extremism and other mal-traditions in Afghanistan.

Ali is a student in economics at Herat University, and it is going to become three years he is an active member of Facebook. He said: “Since the last three years I have been an active member of Facebook, I have found many nice friends as well as I have learned many new things.”

   He says there are thousands of Afghan youth who use Facebook accounts and share their thoughts with one another.

   Facebook social network is one of the biggest networks of the world which has about a milliard user as well as it could have attracted millions of users in Afghanistan.


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