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the idea of communicating through the internet appeared since 2000, and it came strongly in the chatting, and then the chatting programs came into this world like MSN, ICQ and many programs, but how can people interact more and more, the idea came to the social media websites such as hi5.com.

The idea of these social media websites is how anyone can reach any other people anywhere, by uploading pictures, quotes and many personal stuff for sharing, since the Facebook came and it came with a high revolution in the social media websites.

Facebook is like a break through in the world of internet, anyone can add friends, upload pictures, sharing moments, writing comments and many other stuff that anyone can do for interacting.

but anyone could say that Facebook is for just socialization, I would say "NO", it is even now very important for any business by doing a page of your business and make it famous by the number of fans, and also by interacting with your fans on the facebook page, also you can promote the page or the post or the pictures by reaching to huge segment of people and if you want to reach a specific segment like female between 15 to 25 years old and who live in a specific city, you can do it.

so at the end it is very important tool for everyone but we have to take care of what exactly dowe want from facebook because by the end the facebook can know every little thing about you like your name, your friends, your close friends, your pictures, your email, your number, your job, your school and NOW they can know what is your feeling weather sad, happy, excited or what ever .... actually i want to ask everyone "Is this logical for everyone can know all these things about me ???????", so we have to balance between our privacy and using an important tool in this world like facebook.


Written by Mohammed Hussein

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