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An education report in Pakistan estimates that 22 % of children in school going age (5-16) in rural areas are enrolled in private schools .The might be the reason that govt.also took certain measures to collaborate the private and public sector of education.This is a fact that,given the resources ,people send their children to private institutions .The website Wikipedia claims that HEC in Pakistan recognized 132 institutions in Pakistan out of them 73 are public universities and 59 are private.While between 1983-2000 the number of private primary and secondary schools in Pakistan increased ten fold from 3,300-32,000.This is a surprising statistics that this much growth of the private sector education is faster than the population of the school aged children.The mushroom growth of private institutions (especially school with) inappropriate learning environment has caused manipulation of education.


The economic crisis of Pakistan has caused much damage to the standards of the education sector.For getting expensive education in the private institutions the parents of the students have to maintain a dignified economic status which is a hard nut to crack especially for those belonging to the middle class.The owners of the private institutions especially of schools open up the schools in inappropriate premises just for the sake of earning money.The ever increasing unemployment ,poverty and inflation rates have compelled various people to manipulate education as providing education in Pakistan is a convenient source of earning a reasonable livelihood.

According to the economic survey of Pakistan the unemployment increased by 5.5 % in 2011-2012.While the cumulative increase in inflation is 14.1 % in 2011-2012.With these alarming figures the survey states that the real GDP (Growth Domestic Product) growth rate as 2.4 % compared to 4.5% which was a targeted figure.These menaces on the front of economy have hurdled the way of the education to great improvement as the teachers are also victomized by the social and economic issues.These facts render them unable to impart quality education with motivation and professionalism .This decline of education certainly needs some remedies to get elevated.

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