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English language in Pakistan’s education sector has become an essential tool for getting advanced level of knowledge as this may not find in the national language Urdu.English language prepares the students for exams offered by foreign universities,in order to get higher jobs in multinationals.This has led to high competition among different social classes of Pakistan and everybody wants to provide good education; which is definitely an English medium education to one’s progeny.This has created an acute class conflict.The society in Pakistan has been divided in to two distinct classes living in their own respective worlds.One almost breathing the 21st century.

Western society and other one trying to just survive in the conditions of yore.This kind of conflict in the education sector has made Pakistani society confront strong forces of orthodoxy,religious ethnicity ,linguistic loyalties versus the need and urge to be more powerful.According to an estimate Pakistan is the 9th largest English speaking nation in the world and 3rd in Asia .The tough competition among the classes to get the English medium education causes declining standards as the various mediums and levels of qualities of education sector create a social imbalance.Still another factor behind this decline in education are the deteriorating standards of the education in the public institutions while giving way to ever increasing expenses of the private education system.

Even since the privatization of the institutions in Pakistan took place.The increasing rates of the private educational institution have launched a kind of a cut throat competition among masses to get their children admitted in highly expensive and quality; as it is thought,private institutions in Pakistan.According to an estimate 1999-2009 private provision multiplied almost three fold from 36,000 schools to over 90,000 at primary and secondary levels spreading across the urban and rural areas.Private provision in Pakistan is seen to be providing a choice for even poor families.The ‘linguistic imperialism’ of English has rendered the society always striving to get education from private English medium institutions ,though it so happens at times that several private institutions are just grabbing heavy amounts from parents of their students and that is the name of English based education which gives a sense of superiority to every class of Pakistani society.

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