Fall In Love, Before You Decide to Love – A Guide for the Modern World

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Fall In Love, Before You Decide to Love

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Selfishness - We've criticized the word in such a way, that no one in today's world really understands real depth of it. However, the word is extremely relevant to understand with the real meaning of it.

Trying to be what you are, living from your original source, being your own self in every situation, recognizing the real you, defines the real meaning of the word - "Selfishness". We aren't here to contemplate, reckon or judge others. There's no point in doing so. What really matters is to know ourselves. Examine ponder, review, and understand & appraise ourselves, not others. And we would be able to contemplate the entire World, only by contemplating ourselves.

One has hidden desires to achieve & access the Truth, the Reality and will only be able to allow oneself to access the Truth by being Selfish, by being what he truly is, by aligning with the Source. As the whole thing is Upside Down.

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Ever Prophet, Saint, Avatar, Seer, Sage taught us to Love everyone unconditionally, Fall in Love with Everyone, Love even those who criticize you, hate you, disapprove you, try to harm you. Love is an ideal solution to all the problems. However, they completely forgot to teach "How to Love ourselves" in order to Love All. How can one love everyone, when he doesn't even know how to love himself?

You need to have, what you've willing to give - It’s that simple. Where will you buy Love from, to share it with others? There’s no marketplace for it. You don't have it, means you are Empty. What will you give?

If you don't love yourself, others will have no value of your love, if you offer them. And the worst part, the most insane part is that it’s Vice Versa.

Even others are also trying to love you, share their love with you, and give love to you, without loving themselves. We just have been taught to impress others, without thinking about ourselves, as if we are trying to sell ourselves, our features to others.

In today's world, without knowing the real meaning of love, people are pretending to love one another. It’s like a Homeless asking for shelter from another Homeless. What will it bring? - What it will manifest is only Misery, Void, Emptiness, Suffering (Internal). This habit of pretending to love each other will bring deep agony. This is completely absurd / insane. Because the Love that we're sharing is nothing in real. We don't even know what Love truly is. As we've never loved ourselves.

You have to begin with yourself to have a better understanding of anything. There's a huge gap between a Belief & a Knowing / Experience. Unless you taste the Mexican Chocolate, you'll only have a Belief that it’s the most delicious dish in the world. But not a Knowing, until it touches your tongue’s taste censors.

When we believe that "All we need is Love", we lessen the Power of it. We don't need Love, rather - "WE ARE LOVE". Just need to access the hidden treasures.

You will be able to unfold many treasures that are hidden within you, waiting for you to allow them to express through you. Endless treasures within you, are waiting for you to be an instrument to express them. It will surprise you that you can only activate these limitless treasures by being Selfish (Being aligned with your Source). Also, be informed not to compare these treasures with materialistic things. Never try to value them, as they are priceless. They are in dematerialized form, conflicting with the commercial structure. You'll always lose anything you give in the materialistic world. However, the laws of treasures hidden inside you are completely opposite. If you hold onto them, they'll diminish. If you hold on tightly to them, you'll eradicate them. But if you want to unfold them, if you want to access & use them, then share them & allow them to grow immensely. Treasures grow, when you share them with others. The more you share, the more you let them to grow and double. - This is the Law of these hidden treasures within you. While sharing, don't even try to bother yourself thinking whether it's a friend or a foe, whether it's good or evil.

Whom should you share your treasures with? - isn't the point. Whosoever comes your way, share it. And get aside from being concerned who's receiving. Simply keep on sharing, giving, distributing your Eternal Love & Treasures, without knowing the receiver, without knowing his qualities, &/or faults, without being a Judge. And soon, you'll find that, the more you share, the more your Voids are getting filled up. The emptiness will empty itself. And soon you'll be, who you really are, i.e.: An Ocean, of Abundance.

It’s the most wonderful experience to get access to these treasures and to be Love. It’s one of the wisest experiences life has to offer. Every single Human Being should definitely aspire to feel, enjoy, relish and adore the Power of Love. Never let it consume you, by pretending to be Love and not being it. Never sacrifice your own Identity, dignity & Self Worth. Else, you’ll lose yourself.

Love Yourself, Before You Love Others. Because All We Need is Love. Giving & Receiving True Love is the Only Greatest Treasure.

“Spread Love Everywhere You Go. Let No One Ever Come to You, Without Leaving Happier” – Mother Teresa

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