Fallen - Lauren Kate - Review

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This Book is absolutely fantastic, if you love paranormal romance but are bored of Vampires and werewolves try Fallen out for size.

The concept of this book is like nothing I have ever read before and I read a lot of books, it is a totally different twist on paranormal romance as well as on the Angels & Daemons theme. 
The book is dark and romantic and it really does keep you guessing you never know what is coming next and that sucks you in further. I found my self staying up gone 3am reading this book not being able to put it down even though I had work the next morning.

The story is written well with depth and detail and even though you don't know the full story yet (as there are three more books in the series, it doesn't leave you feeling there a loads of holes in the plot which often find you get with paranormal romance books.

Although this is a romance it is not a steamy romance that you usually associate with PA but it is still fantastic and an addictive read, and writing this review has reminded me that I still have the 4th one to read so off to order that now yay :)

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