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            Family is a wonderful gift of God. You spend your whole life with your family, after long tidy day you go to your home and feel safe, secure and escaped from all tensions--- you get the love of your family and forget the all things that happened to you that day. A great saying:
                    "Family is the most important thing in the world”.
Princess Diana 

            In my case, I have a family, I don’t know wether I should call it a family or something else. Am I live in a home or a hostel/hotel where strange people live in one place for their comfort?? Family shares your each & every part of life. You have parents that we call them mom & dad and their children who are called as our siblings. I also have siblings including 2 brothers and 3 sisters. They are my step ones.
            My elder sis is doing BS and younger one is doing BSE, it means that they are educated but I don’t think so because degree is not everything, education is beyond that. I don’t know why they always hate me and I always love them instead of hating them. Sometimes life become so hard that I want to commit suicide, but suicide is a sin and that thing always stops me.

             I love my sisters but once my elder sis said me that “I hate you more than anything”, that time my heart started drowning. She was the person whom I loved a lot. Then my second sis she started me hating because she was in a relation ship with a wrong guy and I used to stop her to not to let that guy close to her. I don’t know it was right or wrong but I felt it wrong so I asked her for going that—I just want to tell my sisters that I have never wished for anything bad for you, and want to tell my mother that I was right, why don’t you stand by me??

          I want you all in my life and I love you a lot, I just need a shoulder to cry on, need someone to listen me up, need someone with whom I share my things!! For this purpose needs no one but the family. A great saying:
      “I'll never stop dreaming that one day we can be a real family, together, all of us laughing and talking, loving and understanding, not looking at the past but only to the future”.
LaToya Jackson

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