fashion competition betwwen students of colleges

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Students all over the world are becoming more fashion conscious. This condition will be increase day by day. The young students, both boys and girls, want to wear modern design of dresses . The design their dresses by fashion designers. Fashion is spread like a fire in the school, colleges and universities.

The both boys and girls of school and colleges are fashionable.  There was a time in the past when everyone think that fashion is only for the females but nowadays it is not only for females but both males and females are busy in fashion. The latest fashion is to wear that dresses which can be modern and beautiful.

The students in Pakistan have become fashionable now a days. The students are the most fashion conscious person in the society as compared to other people who are working in different fields. In our colleges both boys and gals are dressed in different types of fashionable clothes. The girls students wear fashionable dresses like film actors and boys copy the film actors.

The students in Pakistan learn fashion from the film and movies. The most fashionable among them to see the latest foreign films to their favorite actors and actresses. The students spend their most of time for fashion and for growing her self. Some  fashion conscious students spend their large time on their make-up . Those students who do not wear fashionable dresses in the colleges and universities are regarded as backwards and boring.

These students mostly remain under the inferiority complex. These people become always depressed and in the feeling of tension. Generally those students who spend large of the time on makeup and fashion do not take their studies with full concentration. They have no time even to remove the dust which is present on their books.

Some students have wrong idea that fashion means two very expensive clothes and costly things that are related with fashion. But fashion means to wear all the things which are comfortable for the human body. If the students wasted a time only for fashion then they do not give attention for the studies. It is not a good thing for both the students itself as well as the economy of the country because young generations are the pillars of the country .

It is necessary that the main aim of the student is how to going to the college for gaining the knowledge which helpful in there future and it is the responsibility of the parents that  they advised the younger to spend their life in a better way and get away from the fashion and give full concentration to their studies.

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