Fashion in Herat

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In front of Millie Center is a good address to find both stylish boys and girls in Herat city.

This is one of the most popular Fashion Stores in Herat.

You can find any fashionable items up there. Different clothing, perfumes, and shoes are available. Daily some hundreds to more than a thousand girls and boys refer to it for shopping.

The streets in Herat city are today fragrant and colorful. Boys and girls in beautiful clothing have changed the complexion of this city. In fact, to be stylish and neat is today a need for the youths in Herat.

They do not like to tease the others by being dirty or wearing dirty and clothing. They even refresh those who are passing by them by wearing perfume and chic clothing.

On the other hand, Herat University and even Herat boys’ and girls’ schools are beautiful. School students are in a specific uniform, and University students are in different chic clothing.

As Herat both boys and girls are colorful and beautiful, they would like Afghanistan to be beautiful and peaceful. This is a wish that now a days all Afghans want it.

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Fereshtah Talash is the origin of Badghis province, but now she lives in Herat, Afghanistan. She studies Journalism School in Herat University. Beside going to University both she works at Youth Voice Radio as a reporter and works at Film Annex as a blogger.

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