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Parades, models, clothes... This is the life of those who choose to work in the Fashion Market. Do you have questions about which area to work? So check out nine fashion professions and see if any of them suits you.


Who ever was interested in appearing on magazine covers or parade on the runway with those fancy clothes and expensive to buy in stores? If you think you fit the profile of beauty recommended by the fashion market, see the work that a model does.

What do you do? You have two choices. One is parading on the runways and the other is posing in front of the cameras. However, on runways they accept only people with a suitable profile in weight, height and fitness standards. On the other hand for photographic models, there are no specific standards, just be natural and feel free to stand in front of the cameras.

What to study? It is recommended to watch some videoclasses of how to parade or behave in front of the cameras, or even watch some commercial videos, among other options. You may be studying engineering in college or still in school, they will accept you if you act naturally, but do not get too nervous.

Where to work? You need to sign up a contract with a model agency or find someone who can send your profile informations to agencies and see if they will hire you. Models usually works taking photos in a photo studio at first and then go to the runways.

How much money do you make? U$1.081,67 to U$ 3.245,01


Do you create clothes or draw that dream ball dress always when you have an idea? Have you thought about working a little bit more on your drawing and putting it into action? If you like to combine several clothes to create a style, draw clothes and always enchanted with clothes from a shop window, being a stylist is the perfect job for you. Check out what a stylist does.

What do you do? Defines the concept of a collection. Know how each piece will be, the materials that will be used, the colors that match. You need to coordinate and follow the entire creation process until the finish. You design clothes and create your own collections according to your style. You can take inspiration from other creators or famous artists, but also need other Fashion professionals as Modelers and Models.

What to study? College or Technical Fashion Course

Where to work? You need to be hired by a Brand Company or set up your own atelier.

How much money do you make? U$351,543 to U$ 1.406,17

Costume Designer

Do you admire the style of the clothes that are shown on televisions, theaters or cinemas? Whether they are in commercials, movies, television shows or series, they are all made by a costume designer.

What do you do? You take care of every costume, drawing the pieces of clothing to the cast of a theater, soap opera, film and other professionals that appear in the media. The costume designer is responsible for transforming the actor into character, giving a visual identity to him.

What to study? College or Technical Fashion Course

Where to work? Television stations, shows and theaters

How much money do you make? From U$811,252

Fashion Editor

Are you always interested on the clothes of the season and always advise your best friend to wear what is fashionable? See if the Fashion Editor profile suits you.

What do you do? It closely follows all seasons and fashion releases. The journalist covers each event to publicize the trends in the media. Besides writing articles about collections and parades.

What to study? College Fashion Course or Journalism

Where to work? Magazines, Journals, sites and blogs.

How much money do you make? U$1.000,54 to U$1.622,50


Do you admire those storefront clothes and then feel like going into the store to start shopping? Would you like to call your audience to visit your friend's clothing store? So being a window-dresser is the perfect profession for you.

What do you do? It is responsible for the marketing of shop windows and the interior space of the stores. You match the articles of clothing, accessories and colors with the intention of causing in the customer that big wish to invade the store and take absolutely everything.

What to study? Visual Merchandising and Window dressing

Where to work? Acessories and clothes stores. Also work to an specific brand.

How much money do you make? U$297,459 to U$811,252


Do you often go out with your colleagues or friends to visit the Shopping Malls and Clothing or Acessories Stores to buy or just take a quick stroll? If yes, how about start promoting by creating multiple productions to help your favorite store sell?

What do you do? Organize the gorgeous looks you see in fashion editorials. Generally a producer receives a theme and visits several stores in search of more beautiful pieces of clothing about that theme. Then, with the help of the publisher, it chooses what goes into the fashion page or not.

What to study? Usually is a freelancer job. The professional can produce runways, magazines, tv shows and journals.

Where to work? Usually is a freelancer work, but you can work in journals, tv, magazines and model agencies to help.

How much money do you make? U$351,543 to U$ 1.162,79

Print Designer

Have you thought about creating your own print on your clothes and leave standing without needing to renew used clothes? Of course, anyone who likes art will deny it, after all, making art with clothes is a great adventure and you feel great. But in the professional market you need to become a Designer.

What do you do? You draw the prints that will stay on each type of woven fabrics and soon turn plain cloths of a single color into cotton prints. Of course you need to have basic design knowledge to know which print is going to work on each type of texture and how to apply them.

What to study? Interior Design, Fashion Design or Design to know more about print designs.

Where to work? Usually is a freelancer job for brands.

How much money do you make? U$135,209 to U$270,417

Personal Stylist

Do you know those television shows where a person talks to the customer how they should behave and what they should wear to match their personalities? These are the famous personal stylists. In Brazil there is a famous television show called Esquadrão da Moda where two personal stylists are hired to help brazilian people to get dressed well.

What do you do? Look after your client's appearance. You will tell how and what the person should use. There is advice for ordinary people and artists or for companies where the professional takes care of the brand image.

What to study? College or Technical Fashion Course and Marketing

Where to work? Usually you work as freelancer, but you can enter a Company to help them.

How much money do you make? U$108,167 to U$2.704,17


Different from stylist, you will create a kind of model, prototype of the design made by the stylist. You will help to see if the production of that clothing or accessory will be good or not. Of course you can design clothes as a stylist, but usually you work as a stylist's assistant to help them in their productions.

What do you do? Interpret the concept and design of the stylist and develops a real model of it. The mold created will serve as the basis for the production of clothing in its actual size in large quantity. The modeler accompanies the making of the first cloth, always proving and evaluating if the textile had a predicted trim.

What to study? College or Technical Fashion Course and Modeling Course

Where to work? Confectionery and ateliers

How much money do you make? U$486,751 to U$621,960


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