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Emily Soto is a renowned fashion photographer based in Southern California who now has 21 behind the scenes videos of her fashion shoots uploaded to her Film Annex WebTV. As well, Emily has begun offering photography workshops for eager students looking to learn the techniques that have made her so unique in a cluttered field, all for a relative new comer to the world of  fashion photography. Emily has also developed a website named which offers photographers access to the creative adjustable photoshop actions and lightroom presets for post production editing, exactly the ones used for her own projects.

Emily has become a powerhouse with her strategies for social media. Besides her use of Film Annex as an avenue of film distribution for her behind the scenes videos she has developed an immense organic following on her Facebook fan page with a very strong 10% "talking about this" ratio to total fans. You typically find this number to be under 3% for other fan pages. Individual post are generating over 1000 likes each, again a strong engagement level for uploaded photographs or videos. Her regularly updated Twitter and Instagram feeds also also keep me up to the minute with new shoots. I'm always waiting for the release of her latest BTS video to view and share to the Models WebTV audience. 

Emily should certainly be considered a role model for anyone in any business looking to enhance their presence on the web utilizing all the tools for sharing on social media. Perhaps we can arrange an interview on her next trip to New York City to give a lesson! 







Fashion Shoot- The Sea Goddess and the Raven- Emily Soto Photography

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