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Fashion is an every moment changing aspect of life. It alternates its face corresponding to the people residing in specific areas of the world. It is also related with the attitude, conduct and notions of man. Some people take it as an inevitable aspect of life to be along with it while some people are compelled to adopt it due to their atmospheric compulsions or sometimes due to make their stature erect in the society where they are being dwelled.

In the ancient days, the beautiful days, it was deemed that the simplicity is the only tool of beauty but now a days this fact has utterly vanished from the minds of present hollow generation. It has become indispensable factor of running life. It has captivated the people, especially youth, very badly. People are trying their best to look adept in fashion and underrate their religious and national customs in this regard. Even, if we talk about ‘Pardah’ it has also become a fashion. Women are strongly fascinated towards it. Colorful ‘Abayas’ and ‘Hijaabs’ are now used by the women in order to cover their body and face but these colors are the cause of people’s attraction towards them.

Young girls are seems to be a showpiece in these ‘Abayas’ and are followed by other girls which ponder it to be look reasonable. Nevertheless, in all areas of life, fashion is being followed by the all people. Minority of people do not think it inseparable because they know that fashion is a superficial beauty and is not long lasting. It is an artificial creature which is always short lived in all ages of life.