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Fashions in dress change nearly every year. But fashions in the dress of women change more quickly. And I think in to days world the fashion trend is changing more rapidly because of different types of medias. You can say that because of Television, social media, print media or electronic media. Today I am giving some important tips regarding the fashion trends specially concerning about the students.

1. The young boys and girls are fond of clothes.

Young men and women or boys and girls are very fond of new clothes. They want to wear clothes of new fashions. They like to wear those clothes which are attractive. And the only reason for doing so is that they want attention of more people in less time. It is human nature that they want to look more better from every one. And dresses are very easy way to do so

2. New clothes and college students:

Students in colleges try to wear good and new clothes.  But those students who are poor cannot easily do so. Boys often wear English dress, that is, coats and pants during winter, and shirts and pants during summer. They get these clothes made or swen, according to latest fashions. Girls wear Pakistani dress, that is Pakistani shirt: "Shalwar" etc. They also try to get these clothes according to the latest fashions.

2. Effect of fashionable clothes:

 When students become very found of fashionable clothes, it is harmful to them. They attend to their clothes more, and to their students less. They try to wear the newest clothes. They cannot buy good books. They waste their time. Thus fashions in clothes do not have a good effect upon students.

4. Rich people and fashion:

Rich people in society can buy new clothes easily. They can change their clothes according to changing fashions. Among these people we find the owners of beautiful houses or bangalows, sons and daughters of rich businessmen or landlords etc. But fashions in dress can be seen in cities only. In villages we have village fashions, which do not change much.

5. Change of fashions in cities:

Fashion in cities often change when some people come from foreign countries with attractive, new clothes. Fashions are also changed by films. We see film actor and actresses wearing very fine clothes. We also like to wear clothes like them.

6. Fashions not completely bad:

Fashions in clothes are not completely bad. They make clothes expensive no doubt. They waste our time also. But if we do not have new fashions so quickly they are not bad.

Fashions in dress should not be much against our religious traditions or culture. We should not wear a dress which is against our hounour or dignity.

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