Fatal Frame is No Longer Scary?

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I am a big fan of Fatal Frame game series! It's a very very scary game where in all you have is a camera to defense your self from evil spirits however, the latest Fatal Frame, there is a big change in the game.

The Fatal Frame games series have always been a scary one. There can be a little bit sexy scene however, the latest one is kinda erotic.

You'll have the protagonist roaming around a haunted house with a bikini as her clothes. As for me, there won't be any scary factors because as a male player, I will just look on the body of the protagonist and not just that, I will be using the camera not to defense myself from the evil spirits but to use it to shot a body picture of the protagonist.

I wish they did not make it like this... I am really disappointed with it.

Anyway, that's all for now. Have a nice and awesome day to all of you here!


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