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Twenty nineteen's last and final quarter is about to end. The year 2018 will soon be waving goodbye and although most are excited for the holidays coming up in the next week weeks, there's another trend that is kicking in around you and me. Perhaps only those who are into books, papers, stationeries, and journals are interested so I apologize if this doesn't fit your likes, you who are reading but I will post it anyway.


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All those paper lovers out there, may he or she be a coffee lover or not might already know that most coffee shops are offering their limited edition Planners or call it journals like in my case. The hype of "sticker" collection is again on a roll and although I didn't join this craze before, I am finding myself in the situation of "I have to have a Starbucks or a The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or that Tom N Toms planner!". Seriously, I thought it was very unnecessary but right now when I started really entering daily journal and taking notes on books that I am reading, I decided, it is good to use these books as journals and note taking!

Introducing The Cheapest Planner For 2019 Ever!

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But the problem or the issue with those coffee shop planners is that they are very expensive if bought one time. If collecting stickers, it will take a lot of coffee cups to fill out all 18 for Starbucks, 12 for CBTL and Tom N Toms and I know there are still more out there which I have no clue of if they're selling out journals.

But if you are frugal like me, there's a way out of this expensive journals! Introducing the Suki Joyful Daybook 2019 brought to you by Mercury Drug Store!

I have learned about Mercury Drug Store's annual journal books last year. It was first introduced to me by an online friend and I bought a few items from the drug store and eventually had a hand of the "My Write Life 2018". I still use it for note taking when reading books. I love jotting down quotes and inspirational lines.

This year, Mercury Drug Store launched the "Joyful Daybook 2019". It can be redeemed from any branch for 35 suki points. One suki point is given to every Php 200 purchase. But today, let me share with you how to have one without spending a lot! Read on to know more about the book and the personal hack!

Joyful Daybook 2019


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Mercury Drug Store's 2019 Planner comes in 4 Joyful Daybook colors:

Blue - Sapphire for peace and happiness
Violet - Amethyst for courage and clarity of thought
Red - Ruby for love and passion
Yellow - Topaz for strength and intellect

I got the violet one since it is my favorite color. I am still thinking if I should get another one for the family or perhaps for a friend. Let me show you the pages of the planner.



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The Joyful Daybook 2019 is perfect bound with a rubber cover nicely designed with embossed print and cute random doodles. Its front has the joyful day book 2019 print while at the back has Mercury Drug Suki Daybook embossed print as well.

A stretchable garter keeps the book closed and a ribbon marker as well with the same color of the preferred cover is available inside.

Joyful Daybook Pages

"Finding joy even in the littlest moments is a great way to live a brighter and healthier life."


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The first few pages cover all fields where the owner can put up his or her personal information as well as emergency contact details. This is a lined notebook overall but it also has certain pages which feature inspirational stories, messages and even activities like that in a Bullet Journal!

Mercury Drug Store also has their own message to the owner. A snippet of the message goes:

"Life is not about being happy and contented, but it is also about appreciating even the smallest things that make your life meaningful.

With powerful ideas formed together in our 2019 Suki Daybook, start the year with a new purpose. Now's the time to step your life up and feel joyful!"

The Bright Mind Page


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Yellow with a sketch of a woman and a man on the left side, this page shows the ways of keeping the mind happy and healthy. Learning to say no, stop the self-torture, treating yourself like that person you love, controlling how you feel and just choosing to have a radiant mind and to exercise, whether it is Zumba or yoga to make the mind and body alive.

60 Day Mood Tracker


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Like that of a bullet journal, the Joyful Daybook has a certain section where the owner can monitor his or her daily emotions by simply shading the emoticons according to how he or she feels.

This is good for two months so it is a great way to really see in a wider angle as to which specific days one feels such and figure out the trend after the 60 days period ends.

Finding My Ikigai


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This portion here is pretty interesting. It was my first time to learn about Ikigai which is a Japanese term for "a reason for being." So the page elaborates by providing a page where the book owner can relax and start writing down the actions that come to one's mind when certain questions are asked such as:

1. What are the things that I love doing?
2. What am I good at?
3. What are the things that I can get paid for?
4. What do I think the world needs?
5. Off all the things that I love doing, which of them am I good at?
6. Which of these things can finance my basic needs?
7. What would pay me and would benefit the world?
8. What does the world need that can make me happy too?

The answers to the above determine one's Ikigai. This is the passion plus mission plus vocation and profession, one's true life purpose.

Adventure BINGO


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Here's another Bujo type of activity page which is more of a challenge to the book owner which they refer as the ultimate self-love reward.

The catch is to cross out the squares by doing the life changing activities presented in the page one day at a time. Such activities include:

Volunteering at an organization
Buying an indoor plant
Being totally honest in a day
Writing a thankful love letter to your parents
Treating yourself to a spa session
Having a nice conversation with an elderly
Spending 10 days being a vegetarian
Enrolling in a short painting class
Petting stray animals
Taking up a new interesting hobby
Not using plastic utensils in a day
Quitting alcohol and cigarettes for a month
Thanking five people you meet today

The list goes on and it is very interesting that I want to do these challenges soon too!


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More pages show how one can be productive, there's one section which has a Snake and Ladder activity to gauge the productively happy day. Yet another one encourages how to acquire the grateful attitude and its effect on the body, health, and relationships. It also includes another 30-day thankful challenge where one can spend a month appreciating all the good things that go along each day by answering certain questions every single day for that duration.

How to Get the Joyful Daybook 2019 for less than Php 200?


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As mentioned above, the Suki Daybook is not for sale but only to be exchanged for 35 suki points at any Mercury Drug Store. Each suki point is equivalent to Php 200. That means a customer will have to spend Php 7000 before he or she could reach the 35 points.

But don't fret because there's a hack to that. I spent only Php 198 and here's how!

When you visit a Mercury Drug Store, look for all those items which could earn you additional points. In my case, I selected the three set Orab B toothbrush which was priced at Php 198 and gives 50 suki points!

There are more other items which can possibly give you more suki points! Just look around the local Mercury Drug Store to find them! Enjoy!

Thank you for reading!


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