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Spring is the most pleasant season in pakistan.It is like the summer season in England.When I get up early in the morning,I love to listen to the sweet songs of the birds sitting in all the trees.At that time I am so excited and I start singing and the skylark,which is a species of lark that mounts high and sings on wings,also join me.In this way I enjoy the pleasant company of singing birds.

 But going to school is such pleaseant weather in spring is pitiable.It takes away all the pleasure.The children have to spend whole day under ther cruel and watchful eye of teacher.They are extremely exhausted and weary.They take and then let out a long deep breath that can be heard,to show that they are extremely disappointed,sad and tired.Many teacher in school beat,bully and humiliate the students which is very bad.They must create a friendly atmosphere in a classroom.

 A boy does not like going to school.He does not enjoy being at school.At distinct intervals he sits down completly exhausted.As a result he spend many hours in worry and anxiety.He does not take delight in reading his books.He does not feel comfortable while sitting in learning,s shady shelter because he is worn out through depresing shower.Rainfall is usually a source of joy.Bathing in rain gives satisfaction.But the schoolboy does not enjoy rain fall because of depressing atmosphere of the school.It is true that the text books are mostly boring and they do not try to make their lessons interesting.That is why students hate the text books.

The examples of schoolboy is just like the caged bird,which is born for free flight but is confined in a cage.It is deprived of its liberty.In this situaton the bird cannot sing sweet songs.A child,like a young bird,in fear and depression cannot enjoy life.All he can do is to hang down his wings in despair.Those,who  do not enjoy freedom,cannot enjoy their joyful period of youth.There should be no unnecessary restrictions in life.Young people should given a free hand to enjoy life.Students must be given time for games,recreation and other activities of life.

 I instructs the parents that there should be no unjustified restrictions on the activities of their children in their life of enjoyment.Childhood is the period of enjoying life.They cannot develop a healthy personality if they are not given a free-hand.No doubt most of the personality complications develop because of these taboos.

In simple words,if life cannot be enjoyed in boyhood,it is not possible to enjoy life later on in life.In old age one is surrounded by worries,anxiety,tension and hypertention.So the schoolboy appeals the parents to let their youth enjoy life.

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I am a student of Bsc Agricultural scinece .I am from Pakistan. I belong to Haripur.

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