Fereshteh from NYC, Social Media and Education in Afghanistan with Educational Software Examer

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We live in Social Media world and there is no way to escape for not being involve in it.  Everyday millions of interactions is happening among people where they are sharing, creating and building their relationships in the virtual world which has no geographical boundary.

Building a social network will help you to increase your social confidence, as much as people you know it opens new windows to your life that means more connection means more opportunities, improvement and influences. We always try to save time in our daily life and speed up our daily procedures. Saving more time will help us to spend more time with family and friends who are the basic elements in our social networks, and also spend more time in our virtual world to extend our circle.

Education is one of the most influential part of a society. However depends on where you are the educational systems are different in implementation. For developing countries like Afghanistan, to have an update system needs more time and effort.  Upgrading the contents would be one of the most important issues for the educational system in Afghanistan.

Beside using the Internet as a tool for entertainment and sharing contents, it can be easily integrate with education and promote the level of learning and teaching in the schools.

Providing the right educational tools and platforms make students more active and creative. Reading papers make them input oriented but to make them output oriented they have to process what they are learning and lead them to be more dynamic is to provide for them Internet classrooms and a proper social media curriculum. That is the main mission of Afghan Development Project in Afghanistan and later on in central and south Asia.

The goal for this initiative in Afghanistan is to build 40 Internet Classroom by targeting 160,000 students and include an online Educational Software "Examer" which is an interactive platform where enable students and teachers to ease the process of examination. 

In an interview which was done by FilmAnnex with Basir Ahmad Arven Tahiri  Head of the Education Department in the Herat province about Examer, he said: " We still don't have high level of quality learning because of a lack of facilities and learning material. Today, by connecting Afghanistan schools with other schools in the world, I am sure we can use other foreign schools' education, knowledge and experience. They can improve their level of knowledge but still need time to reach the other schools' level. However, we should be attentive to our students so they have a good relation through the Internet. This online examination system would be really good for the education system in Afghanistan."

I would like to bring an Afghan Proverb from book Zarbul masalha by Edward Zellem which says: "Maahee ra har waqt az ab biggeree taza ast" , When you take a fish from the water, it is always fresh which means it is never too later to begin something new.

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After graduating in Literature from high school in Iran, where she was a refugee, Fereshteh returned to Afghanistan in 2002. She started teaching English to girls at the Afghan Youth Association and later attended the Computer Science Faculty in Herat where she got her Bachelors degree. After…

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