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Festivals are the part of country . Festivals are celebrated to create a sense of brotherhood among people,selflessness and peace among people . In Pakistan some of the festivals that are celebrated by Muslims are Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha, Eid-Milad-un-Nabi. people celebrate them with great devotion.

Mela Chiraghan is also celebrated with great devotion . It is held at the shrine of MADHU-LAL-HUSSAIN . People gather together their and pray to god and wish for everything . People enlightened candles at the shrine of MADHU-LAL-HUSSAIN .

All of the Muslims also celebrate the festival of EID-ul-AZHA . All of the Muslims gather at mosques and pray the namaz-e-eid . Then after Eid's pray , they give sacrifice of goat,camel and cow to honor the sacrifice of of Hazrat Ibrahim .

For buying these animals people have to go to near market . The goat do the sacrifice of one person ,cow and camel give the sacrifice of 7 persons . It is necessary that the goat is of one year.

The festival of BASANT is also celebrated in Pakistan . It is celebrated in the season of spring and in the month of March .On that day every one fly different kinds of kites of different colors . the sky is nearly covered with the kites of different colors . They also cut the kites of one another . Many girls are included in flying the kites with their relatives . Some of the people fly big kites .

All of the festivals  are of great importance . They should be celebrated with great devotion because  the festivals are the part of country.





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