FIFA 17 Reviews for Android

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In 2012 it seems will be a year that is not less interesting for gamers. Not merely anticipate the presence of a variety of the latest series of the franchise game giant, the year 2012 will be the year of "cover" for some game titles that have accompanied us for a long time. After the epic Mass Effect 3, gamers will encounter one another epic titles that will be released at the end of next year. Absolutely, we're talking about FIFA 17 is believed to be a cover story for the story and memory of Desmond. Myriad novelties presented for this series, from the setting, the story, to the main character.

After waiting quite a long time, gamers can finally see for themselves what is actually offered by EA in this new series premiered through gameplay trailer has just been released. American Revolutionary War concept may be the basis of the main plot, but FIFA 17 hack much different than the previous series. You can see how the main character of our - aka Connor Ratonhnhake more "work" in the wild, making the traps, killed on the top of the tree, even hunting wild animals. But unfortunately, as the characters are imaged as a neutral party in the American Revolutionary War, this trailer clearly shows the impression of "partisanship" Connor at one camp.

Are pieces of screenshots and a gameplay trailer below is enough to make you fall in love with the new direction of this FIFA 17? If yes, then you have to be patient to wait until October 30 2012. By carrying out a new and unique concept, FIFA 17 does seem much more interesting and not monotonous like the series "extension" like Brotherhood and Revelations. Worth to wait for!