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Film Annex and Afghan Citadel Company opened a filmmaker and Blogger Center in Herat in November 2012. This Center will go a long way in helping people understand how to blog or create their own films that can help them earn money. This Center is going to facilitate young bloggers and filmmakers who are affiliated with Film Annex film distribution platform to use computers, multimedia tools, take videos and pictures to create content that they can upload on their own Film Annex Web tv channels. This is one way for them to make money.  The Center going forward will also be used for training Afghan students in how to build social media profiles, how to use them and how to monetize their content.  This Center also has a fully equipped kitchen that can be used as a set for cookery shows and for development of cooking videos that can be then used on Film Annex web tv.

Film Annex is an online film distribution platform that helps in generating and sharing online content in the form of blogs and documentaries. It provides a great opportunity to make money online with internet.  Signing up on the platform is free of cost. Every registered member gets a Web TV channel that they can use to showcase content created by them. This content is then publicized by using their social media tools. They get paid for blogs and videos based on the number of views that their content generate. It is a simple transparent way to make money online with internet.

How this works is that Film Annex generates online revenues. 50% of the revenue generated by an individual web channel is shared with the web TV owner. Film Annex provides all the facilities to host and upload your content free of cost. It really is a wonderful way to showcase your talent whether you are a filmmaker or a writer. And, it is a great way to make money online with internet by having a channel on Film Annex and by putting out quality content.

Do watch the informative video above on how to make money online through Film Annex's film distribution platform as explained by its founder, Francesco Rulli.

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