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Yesterday, I visited the Film Annex and Digital Design Annex Development offices in Florence. There, we met with Lorenzo, Maurizio, Francesco C. and Ellyn about the future developments for Film Annex, Women's Annex and Models Web TV.

The conversation started with the concept of gamification of Film Annex, making the experience more engaging and further improving the high quality of films and art house experience in accordance to the high standards of Eren's Pick and the The Annex Press sections.

The conversations also covered the development and success of the Buzz Score that nearly tripled the number of logged in users in the last 2 weeks, and is projecting Film Annex towards a new level of interaction and content creation. We discussed the "special powers" granted to the senior editors of The Annex Press who include Ellyn Hsu, Eren Gulfidan, Feresheth Forough and Jennifer Bourne (she is not related to Jason Bourne!).

We also agreed to publish the new Examer Content Creator on all three platforms later this year, so that we arm all Film Annex, Women's Annex and Models Web TV users with the same tools we are arming students from developing countries like Afghanistan.


Students of developing countries like Afghanistan are now producing more quality content. Film Annex editors are working with them and their schools and teachers to improve further the quality of their articles, and when possible, promote them to The Annex Press level, granting them higher BuzzScores and with it, higher financial rewards and independence.

In the digital world, people don't need real pictures but can use avatars. They don't need passports but passwords. They can express the best and learn the best at no cost and with no financial discrimination. Thanks to the work of digital engineers and designers like Lorenzo, Francesco, Maurizio and Ellyn, the world is a smaller place with more opportunities. The students of Afghanistan are a bigger fish in a smaller but successful and financially sound pond represented by their Film Annex profile, Web TV and content. Check the list of Afghan users in the Film Annex community, and you will understand what we were able to achieve in the last few weeks.

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Forza Film Annex!

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