Film Annex and Me (part 1)

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I want to present this topic for readers by concerning three main sections, which would be posted on my weblog in two different parts and which are:

  1. My idea on Film Annex
  2. My suggestions and advice to the bloggers and writers (specially Afghans bloggers)
  3. My suggestions for the website’s directors and editors.

My idea on Film Annex

As everything has different aspects and effects (positive, negative or neutral). Film Annex also has its effects on every one who works for, here I want to mention in some of the positive points which I could recognize in this website

I think as an afghan student, that the Film Annex website gives me the opportunity to express and share my ideas and have my own comments on the different subjects….

Film Annex prepares the situation to develop my knowledge by determining my studying career, I mean it makes me not to study the things that are meaning less and wasting my time.

Film Annex helps me to think on what I have studied before, can share them now, and change my studying method if it was not effective and as it makes me determine my goals in my studying fields and prepares the condition of being more professional in my educational career.

Film Annex gives me the chance of knowing my afghan society, especially the youth generation who writes from remote area in Afghanistan.

And finally, as we usually have friends from the people who are almost agree with our opinion or at least friends who have a neutral position on our idea, but Film Annex made an environment which we can find out some gorgeous minds and thoughtful people , as they have different ideologies, thoughts, educations and orientations in their lives..

Besides all of these benefits that I could take from writing or working in Film Annex, I can have it as an economic source and saving.

I appreciate if anyone could see problem in my writing, comment under it or inbox me.                


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