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          When I first hear about annex from a very dear friend of mine I make fun of him as I thought someone is scamming him, as now a day's internet is full of scams in which they try to convince you to work for them and in turn you will be paid after. But he devoted himself for the writing and in turn after 3 months annex did prove me wrong, in start when he told me about annex I tried to search on internet about how did it work and how it benefits them for the sake of my friend that all of his dedication and hard work should not go in vain, but unfortunately I got nothing.


           Even sometime in these 3 months I made allot of fun about annex and about him as well, that how he will cry when they will scam him like all the other firms on internet, at the end, and when he tried to convince others to start blogging everybody did the same, but after first payment almost I convinced 6 of my cousins and friends to start it and they have already written 4 to 6 blogs.


              Also heard about Roya Mehboob and her work for women in Afghanistan when I was searching about the film annex,i believe she is doing a great job and also the administration of annex who are providing an opportunity to the people and specially women to empower them, because in third world countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan women  really suffers a lot, and real way to end their sufferings is to empower  them with education, so that they know what are their rights and when their rights are being violated they can raise their voice against it.


           At the end I again want to congratulate the Roya Mehboob and Film Annex for this impressive work.

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