Film annex and Sustainable Effect on Women’s Life

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Dear students:

Film Annex is a worldwide platform that is active all over the world. People could take more advantages from FilmAnnex. Now, it is in Afghanistan that supporting Afghan Citadel Company. It could attract a lot of writers in Afghanistan that most of them are students. Film Annex help the students make money by holding film treatment and blog writing courses for the first time in Afghanistan.


 It is a great chance for the students that are provided by Filmannex platform. FilmAnnex helps more students and other people to  get information and knowledge of internet and social media. It shows great development of people in our country, and increased the communications of Afghanistan world widely.


 People of Afghanistan are having great talents unused, Filmannex and other related of empowerment help them to show their talents to the world. Totally, I could say that Film Annex was effective. The Girls of Afghanistan did not have enough information about social media; Filmannex helped them to get information and knowledge of them. 

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