Film Annex building schools in Afghanistan and supporting the Afghanistan education system

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Film Annex has taken the decision to establish Film Annex Afghanistan with the cooperation of Citadel's Roya Mahboob - Software and Logistic company.

The upcoming projects, including the creation of internet classorooms at secondary and high schools in Herat, and series of documentaries and interviews with various technology, education experts and veteran entrepreneurs about current events in Afghanistan will be broadcast on the Afghan Development Web TV.
The advertising revenues raised by this Web TV will help sponsor other initiatives in Afghanistan.

Today, we picked a logo for this project: It is a simple oval containing the acronym for Afghanistan. Just like with any other country in the world, this is the sticker that symbolizes the acronym of a country's name and the normality of the current events in Afghanistan.

Supporting the Afghanistan education goes hand in hand with empowering Aghanistan women businesses and concequently improving Afghanistan economy.

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