Film Annex Builds the First Internet Classroom in Afghanistan!

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Thinking back to when I was a student in elementary school and what my classroom looked like. 

It didn't look like this.

But to many students in Afganistan this is what their every day school life is like. Until now with the support of Film Annex and their Afghan Develpment project. 

The first internet classroom has just been completed in Herat.  How amazing!


This will completly change the lives of so many yearning for an up-to-date classroom and to be connected to the world with the internet. It's so exciting to follow Film Annex's amazing iniative to bring technology to the afghan education system. And the way they are documenting the whole process through videos and social media is proof of the power of the internet. Not only is their message spreading about the lives of these indviduals in Afganistan but also illustrating how a technology and social media is changing the world. 

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