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After the redesign of the revenue page, the video upload system, and the photo galleries, Film Annex is now launching its new blog editor. As it is now completely integrated into the new platform, it is easier to write articles and add images and videos. You can embed videos from Film Annex but also other platforms like Vimeo and YouTube.

Let's take a tour...

Click on the "+" icon at the top right of your page and choose "Write a blog." In the blog editor that opens, you can then add a title and write your article. Different fonts and sizes are available from the "paragraph" button. To add a link, use the "chain" icon.

To insert an image, click on the "Add image" button at the top left below the title. In the window that opens, you can either:

  • drag and drop the desired image or browse through your computer
  • browse through your library of images from your Film Annex profile
  • enter the URL of an image from the web

To embed a video, click on the "Add video" button. Then you can either:

  • choose a video from your library of films from your Film Annex profile
  • copy the embed code of the desired video. You can embed videos from Film Annex, YouTube and Vimeo. To find the embed code of a Film Annex video, click on the chain icon at the top left of the player of the video.

Add tags or keywords to make sure your blog is easily found when searching on the platform.

Hit "Publish" to finish your article. All articles are reviewed by our editorial team. The best blogs are published on The Annex Press and receive extra bonus in the BuzzScore.


Use the comment section below if you have any question, and start writing!

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