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Film Annex is an online Film Platform with Black Belts in Judo and Jujitsu, all 5 active competitors and a Free Style Wrestler.
The way we fight on the mat is the way we run our business: Lean and Mean- As we have 5 minutes to win a fight, we have 1 week to go live with our Films and one Month to surpass expectations.
-Keep in mind we produce only 8 videos/episode/films per month.

Now please watch this:

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after the ads please click on 720P for HD

One good product placement example is this video:
Products used:
Headphones, Shoes and Clothing.
Here some numbers on this Webtv: reaches 600k per month and has now over 75,000 Fans on Facebook

In addition:
If a retailer wants to show this in its windows at night we can let them do so and we can film the store showing it.
We can show the video of the store with the film embedded in the window back on our network.
This will give equal promotion to the Store/Retailer as we give to the products.
This service could be free or have limited cost to the retailer.

Comparable videos are produced at budgets of 10-20,000 or even 50,000 but production agencies do NOT provide promotion and distribution as we do.
CK One has a series of 20 videos and in the best case they got 70,000 hits in almost three months (I heard their production budget was in the millions!):

Our videos are also available to the client for distribution on any other platform including Facebook, You Tube , client websites etc etc. The client can even re-edit it for other use.

Film Annex network has up to 1.2 million daily unique viewers in USA Canada and UK and its our call if we want to feature the video on the first pages of our network. Here our stats:

We ask clients what their budget is and work from there. This will initiate a bidding war to secure available production spots.
We don't want to have the creative department on our back that can slow down our production and post production pace, we can't effort wasting time!
We want to deal with the Marketing and Adverting directors, those that can have access to production budgets and know how to read numbers!
If a client is not happy with our work we can do one or two corrections but not waste time, if takes longer I would rather not get paid and move on to the next client.

Production Spots:
we don't want to produce more than 8 videos per month. First round is estimated at a minimum of $5000 per video, upon the requests we will increase at 10-20-40k per episode/video/film.

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