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Film Annex's Afghan Development Project is in the process of building Internet Classrooms in Schools in Afghanistan.

The first step was to send $2,000 for video equipment and hire local cinematographers to film Baghnazargah High School before renovation. We are now transfering the video files from our Kabul office to our video production facilities in New York so that we can distribute them on Film Annex's online video platform.

This week we transferred $15,000 to Citadel Software to purchase the computers and proceed with their installation. The installation will be executed in the next 3 weeks, and we are filming the entire process. The videos will be live 2 weeks after the installation and available on the Afghan Development Web TV.

Our schedule is to repeat this process every 6 weeks so that we can build 40 classrooms, connect 160,000 Afghan children to the global community of the World Wide Web, and provide the education system of Afghanistan with the tools to raise the per capita Afghanistan GDP from $900/yr to $8000/yr.

This operation is fully funded by Film Annex, and we are not investing funds of investors or donors. The key to success is speed of execution and documenting the process with blogs and professional videos. Once the videos are live on Film Annex's online film distribution platform, the revenues will be generated by Film Annex's online video advertising, and this will allow Film Annex to execute this project exponentially.

We are sharing this information with Film Annex's 12 million monthly viewers, the US State Department, and other Government agencies so that they are aware of our project. We are walking the path of Cisco and Goldman Sachs with the speed and agility of a smaller, leaner and younger company.

I am also looking forward to a conversation with Dina Powell, global head of corporate engagement at Goldman Sachs and former Assistant Secretary of State of the Bureau of educational and cultural affairs. I would ask Ms. Powell for her guidance on how to expedite the process of building schools in Afghanistan with Internet classrooms and faciliate the process.


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