Film Annex's Webmaster Lorenzo Meriggi Talks about the new Content Flow

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The new beta platform is live and we want to help you discover it! So we are going to the source and interviewing Film Annex IT team so they can introduce you to all the new features.

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments.

Today, we asked Lorenzo Meriggi, Film Annex's webmaster, about the new content flow:

"With the current state of Film Annex, the content browse was limited by the fact that it was an "old style" website with channels organized by paginated lists. But no one would ever see all the movies there.

So we started thinking of Film Annex as an app and gave the users one single page to see the best of our content. They don't need to search. We feed them the best. They find an interesting user, click on his or her avatar and see all his or her content. They find an interesting tag, click on it and see all the related content. If they really want to find something, they search by key.

As of the performance of the website, it is all faster because the users never change page, they just load new content in the flow and that's it!"


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