Film Treatments Project in Afghanistan, Sustainable Education

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During the last week more things happened in the school. The students attended in information technology, English and computer classes that held by International Information Technology Training Center. Also, Afghan Citadel provided some training courses for the students in Storytelling, announcing, story writing and article writing.  The students were very interested in these subjects to learn. The administration office of the school announced its coordination and collaboration with election committee.

An artist from India came to school, showed how to make artistic pieces to the teachers and students. He sold some artistic books to the students of the school. The students got some information about filmannex that how to improve their sharing and the quality of their contents that attracts the viewers and readers easily and swiftly.

Script writing training course: It is a one month workshop that is being taught by a journalism teacher of Herat University.

The workshop helps the students to write treatments for the films professionally with good quality. The teachers of the workshop will make some programs and projects to the students to improve their scripts writing abilities and skills. They will hold this kind of workshop in every school.  They teach them to write the story perfectly with a good meaning to make a film. 

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Mirman Hayati High School is one of the historical schools of Herat, Afghanistan. It was established in 1340 (1961). This school is located in the center of Herat city, on Shahid Mirwais 28 Street. It has 1,810 students in two shifts and 50 teachers. This school was first reconstructed by…

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