Filmmaker Mark Kuczewski's Success Story on Film Annex's Online Video Platform

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Still from Ready or Not

Mark Kuczewski joined us a couple of years ago and is one of the most successful filmmakers on our platform. His Web TV, featured in November 2011, has generated up to $16,000. Here’s a brief interview about his work, and how he used his earnings.

Film Annex: When did you join our platform and what or who brought you to us?

Mark Kuczewski: I joined Film Annex about one and a half years ago, and I actually came to the site because I watch a lot of short films and also make them, and Film Annex had a growing community with a lot of great films to watch. Also I could upload my own films and even compete in the film of the month competition where you had the chance to win $2,000. I entered that with a film I made called Ready or Not which is available to watch on my Web TV, and won which was great!

FA: Your Web TV was featured on the homepage for one week in November 2011. How much money did you earn during this period and how did you use/are you planning to use this money?

MK: My Web TV was featured and in a week I made over $16,000 which was unbelievable. I didn't actually believe it, it was great to have these films that I had made actually provide a revenue. I had put a lot of my own money into films I had made in the past few years, so it was great to have them make that back and go on to make a lot more. So in true dedication to making film, I spent the money on a very expensive camera so that I can go on to make lots more films, all of which will definitely be uploaded to Film Annex.

FA: How do you use the Internet and social media to promote your work? How important do you think it is in promoting and distributing your movies?

MK: I promote my films on Film Annex and my Web TV through social media like Facebook and Twitter. I actually have a page on Facebook for my Web TV which people can like, and I post newly uploaded films and blog posts on there. I took out an advert with Facebook to get out the page to more people which is a great way of directing people with similar interests to your Web TV. I think it's important to use your social networks to promote your work through Film Annex. If your gonna put in all the effort in to making videos, you want people to see them!

FA: Would you recommend Film Annex to other filmmakers? Why?

MK: I would definitely recommend Film Annex to people. I actually went to university to give a talk to some students recently, and told them all about Film Annex and my success. It is a great way for people to showcase their work and generate a revenue that they can use for future projects. So if you have films you have done in the past or anything from music videos, animation, holiday videos, then you should definitely join the site, upload them and create a Web TV. You can even upload photos and create blog posts.

FA: What is your next or current projects?

MK: I currently have a few projects, but I am looking to direct my next short in a couple of months. I am in California throughout July, so I am gonna take that opportunity to do lots of filming. I have always wanted to do some filming in America so this is my chance!
More about Mark Kuczewski: Kuczewski has worked on several short films, screened and even awarded in film festivals. Ready or Not plunges you into a deserted London while I'll Call You Back will make you laugh until the last second. Don't miss those two and all his other short films, as well as his blog posts about his work and projects.

- Interview by Jennifer Bourne

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