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In this test, students will answer questions about filmmaking and how filmmakers can fund, promote, and distribute their movies online.


  1. On which online platforms can filmmakers distribute their films?

a. YouTube
b. Film Annex
c. Vimeo
d. All of the above

  1. Which one of these websites doesn’t allow filmmakers to raise money?

a. Vimeo
b. Film Annex
c. Kickstarter
d. IndieGogo 

  1. When were filmmakers able to distribute their films online

a. In the 1980s
b. In the 1990s
c. After 2000
d. Filmmakers can’t distribute their films online

  1. Online distribution is mostly used by

a. Hollywood movie studios
b. Independent filmmakers
c. Famous directors
d. Movie festivals

  1. What can filmmakers make available online besides films?

a. Trailers
b. Clips
c. Behind the scenes
d. All of the above

  1. A director’s reel is

a. A video showing clips of the director’s work
b. A video showing how a film was made
c. An interview of a director
d. A film that a director send to a movie festival

  1. A movie platform where the audience gives money to a filmmaker is called

a. A donating website
b. A crowdfunding platform
c. A free platform
d. A social platform

  1. Which one of these movie platforms was founded first?

a. Vimeo
b. YouTube
c. Dailymotion
d. Kickstarter

  1. Filmmakers can make their films available online for

a. Streaming only
b. Downloading for free
c. Selling
d. All of the above

  1. A movie made available online for anyone to use and edit freely is

a. protected by copyrights
b. in the public domain
c. under attribution rights
d. not an option



  1. Filmmakers can register to Film Annex

 a. For free
 b. For $10 a month
 c. By invitation only
 d. Filmmakers can’t register to Film Annex 

  1. The first thing a filmmaker is recommended to do upon registering to Film Annex is to

 a. Watch movies
 b. Message other filmmakers
 c. Create a filmmaker profile with a picture and biography
 d. Upload movies

  1. What can you NOT upload on Film Annex?

 a. Narrative films
 b. Animations
 c. Documentaries
 d. Films with pornographic material and hate messages 

  1. What do you call the channel on Film Annex that hosts all your videos, blogs, and photo galleries?

 a. User channel
 b. TV station 
 c. Web TV
 d. Filmmaker's heaven

  1. Which of the platforms below offer a 50/50 revenue share model to the filmmaker?

 a. YouTube
 b. Film Annex
 c. Vimeo
 d. Mubi

  1. What can filmmakers upload on Film Annex besides full-length films?

 a. Trailers
 b. Behind the scenes/Making-of vidoes
 c. Interviews
 d. All of the above

  1. What is the Film Annex Open Film Library?

 a. A library that students can go to check out books.
 b. An online collection that makes public domain and Creative Commons licensed movies available to users.
 d. A marketplace where students can sell books and movies.
 e. None of the above.

  1. Film Annex does NOT accept

 a. Films longer than 2 hours
 b. Foreign language films
 c. Documentaries
 d. User-generated videos 

  1. A “professionally-made” should be

 a. Well-shot
 b. Tightly edited
 c. A good story 
 d. All of the above

  1. A filmmaker can increase his/her BuzzScore by

 a. Uploading more films
 b. Writing more blogs
 c. Sharing his/her videos with his/her friends and followers
 d. All of the above. 

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