Finally Free - a poem of letting go

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it's 3:08 am and it's been weeks since you've left.
I stare at the ceiling, catching my breath.
I dreamt that you were still with me,
i dreamt that you're by my side
My heart tried to deny it, but the truth is that you're not.

Still, my hands grazed the white, empty sheets
hoping against hope to feel the warmth of your skin
but my fingers touched nothing
just shadows and the cold
and the tears started falling
as memories began to unfold.

i still have no idea why you went away
you told me you love me, you told me you'd stay
did i do something wrong, did i hurt you unintentionally
did i not do something or were you just really tired of me?

it's 11:06 in the morning, the weeks have turned into months
I'm doing okay now, even better than i once had
There are questions left unanswered, but i've learned to accept the facts.
Besides, no explanation or apology can take back the suffering i've had

You won't be coming back, you won't ever return to me
I'm okay knowing that.
Now, i'm finally free.


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