Finding Fake Twitter Followers - More Common Than You Would Think

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Fake Twitter Followers and buying them have become all the rage now. This has existed for sometime and has been given a variety of names. I call it black hat social media because it sounds sexy. Mitt Romney just got accused of buying twitter followers during his campaign. That was hilarious.

For all you black hat social media fans out there be warned, scared, and furious. There is now a wonderful little trinket that enables you to gauge which profiles are fake, inactive, and/or real.

This technology comes from StatusPeople and it seems its just a quick read of follower activity and log-in based on the account. I, for one, love this.

There are some questions  I have though since checking for fake twitter followers has become increasingly popular. Obama has about one million, the NHL has over 400,000, but how are they so quickly identifiable?

And if they are quickly identifiable now why hasn’t anyone done this already?

I’m happy to report most of you are real though I’m sure you knew that. I’m sure even though you know whether or not you purchased followers you’ll check this thing. Lets just say its pretty damn accurate. 

Check on your fake twitter followers


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