First and Most important aim of education to pass their life

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Education is the most important thing in our life without it our life have no meaning.Some people think that the education is merely to give ledge but their think is wrong because education is endless Knowledge that we get still dead.

He think only about the aim of education in student life.These people want students to read books and do nothing else but add to their knowledge.Other people believe that knowledge alone in enough,only that which enable a man to earn his living can be called education.Their thinking is so limited that are related to their life.

Such people think that bread is more important than anything else.Still other believe that education should aim solely at making good citizen and a good person.All these are see only one side of education.As a matter of fact,education should aim to all these three things together should give them knowledge make them self to help and able to serve other.

Education should not produce person that love only his freedom.take away the freedom of produce that person and men who love their own freedom but do not want to harm other countries.

Education make us able to help and give rights of other peoples that are not able to do so.This is the first and most important aim of education.We should think about this and pass their life according to this rule.

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