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06/05/2014, 10pm EST




Who remembers Xanga and how much drama did THAT site cause?

Who remembers when Facebook first started? For when college students at universities had to log-in with their .edu email address to even get access?

...then facebook opened to high-schoolers....then communities....and now parents, grandparents, and online predators lurk in it's foreboding shadow.


My boyfriend wants me to blog, so blog I shall. As it stands, I hope to include much of the following (consistently) over the next couple of weeks:


1. Experiences through working with financial professionals, what their world is like and how they want to be at the center of it (I work for an investment company).

2. Girlie things, mostly for girls - but BOYS, don't be closed-minded! I try to keep things simple, to the point, and honest. ***You would be surprised how good receiving fornication can actually feel when you feed off my information it took YEARS to learn, customize it to your situation, and feign the idea to Molly that you are actually interested (you're not).***

3. I am a huge photo collector, and only the best photos with high resolution.

4. Crypto news, updates, ideas, and the reflection from a girlfriend of a bitcoin miner boyfriend.

5. Accredited financial tips, tidbits, and insider information about the culture, how to handle financial advisors, bankers, laywers, and the sort.

6. My personal progress on the violin, currently practicing "Thais Meditation"

8. My activism with cancer, the environment, tolerance, and transparency.

9. What I would do if I was President, and know it would only be one term ^^.

10. Sports, The Belmont Stakes, racing (I love cars!), etc...

7. Conversation is open, let me know if you have questions - and remember, I am the last person to judge and I love everyone. :)


xoxo, Bunches of Love, but not Bananas!




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