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Hello Everybody!

I'm KevZav and I'm not here to talk about Social Networks (S.N.) in general, or make promotion to other S.N's. I'll talk just about 'BitLanders'.

I didn't know nothing about the famous virtual coin 'BitCoin' therefore I didn't know the benefits of that. 

I were one day just searching good pages where obtain easy or fast money, cause pages PTC (Pay To Click) are really bad, only 20 announces and pays you 0.001USD for each announce, but that's not the point.

I were searching how to obtain fast money when I saw an article about virtual coin, BitCoins, and I entered to see how does it works. When I finish to read the article I was impressed, being as a BitCoin is equal to $240-$247USD. And It was totally awesome, so I started to search pages where pay with Bitcoins, and after 20 minutes searching I knew BitLanders, and after a week trying this page I only have to say 1 thing...


You get funny, talk with people and Publish your thoughts, images and videos and the best of all is that you get bitcoins with every buzz you win, but is not it all easy, you have to publish good things, and obtain followers/subscribers.

Really a good Site, The best of All Social Networks!



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