First Mars exploration plan 2020 - Middle East - UAE

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When we hear the successful space program that fly spacecraft to the Mars, we think of such as the European to Russia to the United States. But, for the first time as a Asian addition India, have an idea in putting a Mars spacecraft, succeeded in putting into orbit of Mars. And, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is to ride on the wave!

Recently UAE Space Agency announced a plan to implement the launch of the "al-Amal" of Mars spacecraft in July 2020. Al-Amal, which means "hope" in space development over the Mars, so that no Arab world would miss, and has been described as be launched while play a hot hope.

When the Middle East countries and the space program, it might not lead very image. Having said that, the countries facing the abundant oil money. It poured huge amounts of money, as well as launched a state-of-the-art space exploration mission, but it might have not be so surprising.

According to the UAE Space Agency, al-Amal after put into orbit around Mars in 2021 year, is scheduled to continue observations of such climate of Mars over a period of several years. Valuable observation data that exceeds the 1,000GB is fed back, also is advanced data sharing between agencies in different countries. It should be noted that, in this time of al-Amal background was announced Mars exploration mission by, the young people of the Arab world, asked to increase the interests of engineers and to the field of science, it is also big implications to nurture the excellent human resources do have.

Speaking of summer 2020 that the al-Amal launch is carried out, Japan will and  are excited about in the holding of the Tokyo Olympic Games. And, the world  around it, do not maybe have welcomed the era of cutting the space program but  surpass, which including the Mars

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