First Planet From Outside Our Galaxy Found

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Astronomers say they have found the initial planet that came from out of our galaxy. the world is analogous to Jupiter and once belonged to a galaxy that was consumed by our Milky Way Galaxy. Astronomers in Chile discovered the new planet with a strong telescope.

The new planet is revolving around a star, known as HIP 13044. It is concerning a pair of,000 light-weight years aloof from earth and once belonged to a neighboring galaxy, that was enveloped up by the Milky Way Galaxy concerning half-dozen billion years a gone. The planet, concerning the dimensions of Jupiter, travels closely around its sun in AN orbit that takes sixteen days to complete.

Up to now, astronomers have discovered five hundred planets, all of that have their origin within the Milky Way Galaxy. The new discovery offers scientists proof that several a lot of planets might exist outside our own galaxy.

HIP 13044 is in its dying part. The star has was a red giant star, consumed all of its fuel and is obtaining larger and bigger. it's devoured all of its planets, however clearly only 1 survived.

The discovery will be useful to scientists in showing them what might happen in our own scheme once our sun is predicted to become a red giant star in concerning five billion years.

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