First Steps with the educational system in Afghanistan

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Watching the first steps in Filmannexs' help with the educational system in Afghanistan was a proud experience for me.  Watching the kids enjoy school in this video was so gratifying from seeing what we as Marines were trying to help Marjah Afghanistan grow into.  They were two completely different extremes Herat and Marjah, the way Marjah was looking when we left last June it is a great possibility that the children of Marjah will be able to and enjoy and build better lives for themselves like the children of Herat. Another thing I noticed is all the children were wearing school uniforms and also were young girls.  This few minutes of my time I spent watching this video just showed me a few positive outlooks on the Afghan educational system and also the film makers.

  1.  It is completly possible for Afghanistan to develope into a very productive country and have a solid economy. Of course this will take time and patience but with the comparison between Marjah and Herat to me can be a solid thing.
  2. The cinimatographers of Afghanistan who filmed the video and many more to come for Filmannex along with Roya Mahboob's software company show's businesses are starting to rise, not only businesses but a business ran by an Afghan woman, which this in its self should be and inspiration to every woman.

Once again my views on Afghanistan have changed because now I have seen the project start to take its course and there is no stopping it.  With internet in these schools and the filming of the next forty should help Afghanistan see a future in the endless education the internet will offer these young aspiring students.  Seeing this puts the fight right back into me knowing I did something positive when I gave a young Afghan boy in Marjah, who spoke surprisingly good English, five American dollars for a notebook and school supplies. He was so proud he came back to me later on that day to show me what he did in school that day and that he did use every dollar on his new pens and notebooks.  He hung out with me for the rest of the time I was at that check point. I never got to see him after that I will remember him for the rest of my life.

With the Afghan development project, Roya Mahboob's citadel software company, along with the veterans of (G.I.V.E) especially Marine Jeffrey Moore who will be teaching English through skype to the Afghan children I can see the puzzle pieces of success for the education system in Afghanistan coming together for the areas this project is affiliated with.  The more education, the more success, the less toleration for the Taliban, more areas like Marjah will be able to develope into Herat's and Kabul's, and the better chance at life young Afghans like my little friend will have.


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