Fish Escabeche

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Fish Sweet & Sour Escabeche 


Fish                   Vinegar

Oil                      Water

Onion                 Pineapple chunks

Garlic                 Pepper

Ginger               Carrots

Brown Sugar     Cornstarch



- Fry the fish into a boiling oil until crispy brown

-Saute the garlic, onion and ginger until colored brown

- Add the carrots and water

- Add vinegar and sugar; mix and taste

- Add the pepper and so with the cornstarch; stir until it sticky

- Add the pineapple chunks

- And finally add the fried fish.

This is my own version of home-made Fish Escabetche. I didn't put the measurement or volume of the ingredients it's up to you how you estimate depending on your needs or the number of people going to eat the food.

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