Five Easy Homemade Derox Drinks-3/5

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It's Tea Time.

Yeah so today I'll share with you how to make this super easy tea. So what you have to do is try to drink 2 - 4 cups of this tea daily. Since it's not a detox drink in itself because A- it's hot and B- it's boiled just like tea and C- you don't leave it overnight or anything you make it the instant you want it so basically just like tea.


Organic Ginger- chopped into tiny pieces

Honey- a tea spoon or up to your own taste

Half a Lemon

Water: one-two glasses depends on how strong can you handle ;)


So boil the ginger in water you will see the color change and will sense the aroma, you can always cover the the boiling water with a lid to avoid any loss, i get too stingy when it comes to my detox drinks.

Once the water is boiled with ginger in it, take it off the stove and add honey to it, let it cool for some time in room temperature. Lastly add lemon and voila!


It's excellent for weight-loss.

Reduces bloating.

Boosts metabolism.

Cleanses our internal body systems.

*It's additionally is great for other health issues like inflammation, relieving cramps, curing sore throat nasal congestion, fights nausea and relieves migraine.

Stay tuned for next detox recipes :)

Keep smiling, Stay blessed and Good Luck :)


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